Westbourne Primary School

Harvest Festival Collection

Dear Parents,


This year, Westbourne would like to continue to support Sutton’s international work by contributing a Harvest collection, with the help of Sutton Rotary Club, to orphanages and needy causes in Romania. The Romanian Aid Foundation Harvest Appeal supports families in real need, especially those who have no land and no work.


We would be extremely grateful if your child could bring a food item into school on Thursday 13th October. If possible, tinned or dry food with at least 4-6 months left on their use by date. The items will be collected around mid-morning.


The following items would be very much appreciated:


Pasta shapes, spaghetti, rice, flour;

Tinned fruit and vegetables (except potatoes);

Tinned meat and fish such as ham, tuna or sardines;

Meat and fish pastes, sandwich spreads, jam;

Biscuits (sweet and savoury), simple cakes;

Cooking sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup and any other condiments;

Sugar, coffee (not tea), milk powder, cooking oil;

Instant potato, tinned or packet soups;

Soap, disinfectant, washing powder, tooth paste;

Simple medical items such as plasters and antiseptic.


These would be ideal, however we will gratefully accept any other food and will distribute it to other local causes including local day centres for the elderly.


For more information on the cause, you can visit their website


Thank you very much for your support,


Miss Mehta