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Christmas Fair News

WFA Summer Fair - £4985 raised!!!

What an absolutely amazing way to end this year! The wow factor was through the roof on Saturday at the Fair!

From the Shetland Ponies to the inflatables, we had something for everyone to do and enjoy! Bubbleologist, Spin the Wheel, Face painting, Henna, Tombola, Pocket Money Stall, Adopt a Pet, Raffle and many other fun stalls. The  refreshments area had candy floss, cakes, pizza and we finally lit the fire for the BBQ again this year!

Saying that, unfortunately the Firefighters couldn't attend due to their busy schedule,  however some of us were lucky enough to meet them, though for a different reason...

A massive thank you goes to our very generous sponsors: Butler's Homes in Sutton (biggest sponsor this year, financing a stall section of the fair, purchasing new banners and through the sponsorship of 42 estate agent boards advertising our fair ), R Morris Electrical, Park Lane Scaffolding, Lou and Co, Sonia @ Barclays (Match Giving).

Also to the donors who were more than generous as usual: Papa John's, Two Napkin Burgers, Yodoo, ASDA Sutton, The fragrance shop Sutton (Tanya), WH Smith's Sutton, Casa Nostra, Slug and Lettuce, Shinner and Sudtone, Tesco Sutton, K1 Barbers, Colin Bull Swimming, The Projekt Store, The Ginger Italian, Everyone Active / EA Sutton, Kidspace, Empire Cinemas Sutton, Bocketts Farm, St Paul's Cathedral, Toy Barhaus Sutton, Sutton Community Dance, Surrey Live, The Old Bank, Balloonscapes by Camilla, Sassis in the Grove, Gifts at Tiffany's, Sean Hanna, Warren James, Jump in Warwick, Godstone Farm, Surrey Jive, Nandos, Westcroft Leisure Centre, Body Shop, Merton Collage (lending us some gazebos).

And so many more individuals have donated items, gifts and companies have provided discounts on their services to enable this fair to happen and to assist our fundraising efforts towards the school. Thank you all!

Services and Performers:

Adam from Sutton Community Dance for providing the music, Sutton Police, St John's Ambulance, Paul our fantastic Balloon Modeller, Kat our amazing Bubbleologist, Magic Ponies, Mrs Bolton for teaching and preparing the dance group, all the children that performed in the dance, Cassie's pupils' performance form the Firebird academy of Ballet.


Mr Hedges, Mr Goldhawk, Mrs Fulton, Mrs Slack, Miss Zanutto, Mrs Rolls, Miss Craig,  Miss Hazarika and all teachers and staff that have supported and helped with the Fair.

A very special thank you to Mr Miracapillo for having faith and for supporting us throughout all the obstacles that have fallen in our way, and Alex and Nicholas for always giving a helping hand when needed.

All the volunteers who tirelessly give up their time and energy:

Michelle and Kelly worked super hard for organising and making sure the Fair came back with a bang!, Matt Bibby - it simply wouldn't have happened without you, Nick Rixon our super talented artist, Justen, Phil and his family, Lewis and Charlotte, for all your tireless and hard work for supplying our food and drinks as always, especially Chris and of course Sagar and Manda.

Everyone that came to our meetings and were there regardless of injuries or other issues. Mehnaz and Eman our lovely treasurers as always, looking after our financials, to all the people, Hannah, Angela and her husband, Bonnie, Yuli, Rob, Paul, Wayne, Jamie, Lorna,Tracy, Nicola, Zoe, Sophie, Kelly, Grant, Selina, Njomza , Mayuran and others who turned up on Saturday morning to give us a hand to make sure everything was set up in time and ready. Emily and Rachel for always having our back and for coming up with the most delicious and fantastic idea for a new stall! Marina and her whole family for running a successful tombola again this year! Thank you goes to Emily Watson, an ex pupil, for taking lovely photos, some of them will be shared on the school's website soon.

All our talented bakers who donated all the lovely cupcakes, brownies, cookies and all the other yummy baked items! 

All the people who were working hard and running the stalls for us without even having a break, helping set up and clearing away. They are in no specific order:

Evelyn, Priya, Ghousia, Homaira and Umaira, Mercedes, Sophia,  Lauren, Katie, Hatel, Naiya, Kate, Silvia, Zahra, Shui, Kayleigh, Daisy, Gina, Jo, Maisey, Avy, Chloe, Laura, Maricel, Kelly, Kwang, Eunjoo, Gemma and Neil, Aneta and Liliana, Luci and Leah Zanutto, Neetu and her family, Jagdish, Ria and her family, Saritha, Danielle + Liliana and Richard, Krystina and Paul, Shima, Mick,  Jessica, Maricel, Bea, Attia, Helen, Emma, Jerome, Ben, Jo and Rob, Pubudu, Justine, Mrs Pope, Julie, Amma and Justice Allotey and all the Yr6 children that gave us a helping hand , plus many more people that made all this happen!  I apologise to anyone if I left your name off, it wasn't intentional. 

We do hope everyone had a great time, and see you next year again!

WFA Information

Welcome back to a new academic year, and welcome to all the pupils, parents/ carers, and families new to the school community.

We hope everyone had a good summer break and we are very pleased to let you know about all the exciting events the Fundraising Association has in store for this term.

Last year as a charity, despite our unusual circumstances, we managed to raise about £800 through the Christmas and Summer Raffle, the used uniform sales and Mufti days. Thank you everyone!
It was our utmost pleasure to hand over to the school a check in a sum of £5000 in September 2020, thanks to the previous year fundraising efforts, which has been put to great use.

As a charity, the main purpose of the WFA is to help stretch the school budget for things like renewing old equipment, books and toys. This benefits all of the pupils at Westbourne. We do this mainly through events like the school fairs, which are also great fun for Westbourne families.

We are very happy to announce that the plans are in motion to have a Christmas Fair again this year on the 27th of November!
Make sure you save the date!

We will be having a couple of Mufti days this autumn, where we will be asking for donations to support our Christmas Fair. 

We realise that parents have less spare time these days, so we are using our charity status to maximise fundraising where we can.
If you have any fundraising ideas, or would like to volunteer for one of our events, please attend our next meeting or email us at

Here are some other ways we are raising funds, so please share amongst your friends and family where appropriate.

Matched giving:
Many companies offer employees the chance to boost fundraising by 'matching' the money they raise for a charity. If parents could check with their employers whether they offer a match scheme and would like to set one up, that would be fantastic! We could potentially double the money we raise! Details of the scheme can be found on the Charities Trust website and it is offered by a huge range of employers. If you think you could be a matched giver for Westbourne, please let us know!

Click here to visit our Facebook Page

Click here to visit our Classlist

Click here to Sign up to AmazonSmile

Click here to Sign up to EasyFundraising

We participated in Bag2School, do pre-loved uniform and book sale and occasionally cake sales as well.

Thank you



WFA Committee (2022-2023)

Chair: Avy Chen (charity trustee)
Deputy Chair: Laura Hall (charity trustee)
Treasurers: Evelyn Navaratnam (charity trustee) and Gabriela Carac
Secretary: Adrienne Horvath (charity trustee)

Facebook administrators:
Justen Bailey, Adrienne Horvath

WFA class representatives:
Nursery Am: vacant
Nursery Pm: vacant

Ember: Laura Hall
Avon: Chloe Ma
Thames : vacant

Year 1:
Cherwell: Shima Munzone
Ribble : Yuli Wang
Waveney: vacant

Year 2:
Eden: Marina Ketterer
Beverly: Krystina King
Mole: Attia

Year 3:
Dart: Kirsty Addicott
Kennet: Hilal Celep
Mersey: Lauren Cleere

Year 4:
Tay: vacant
Lea: Amy T. Sichani
Fleet: vacant

Year 5:
Tweed: Adrienne Horvath
Medway: Tracey Chapman
Tyne: Louise Couldridge

Year 6:
Derwent: Lauren Cleere
Trent: Hilal Celep
Wandle: vacant

Other Committee Members
Lauren Cleere
Maricel Ringor
Cassandra Seeger
Julia Seville
Naila Shah
Philip Stephenson
Jo Yuille
Evelyn Navaratnam
Kelly Groom
Avy Chen
Yuli Wang
Mercedes Garcia
Silvia Giurca
Chris Shaw



Westbourne Fundraising Association (WFA)


About us

Westbourne Fundraising Association is a Registered Charity (Charity Number 1180788) that supports the school by running events to raise money for school projects. Our events include the highly successful Christmas and summer fairs, plus book fairs, raffles and cake sales. Over the years we’ve raised thousands of pounds towards a new library, interactive whiteboards, a new kitchen, beautiful landscaped gardens and a new hall. Please send us your comments on things you think were good, or could be improved.


Great News (November 2018)!

The parent volunteers are proud to announce that following a successful application, Westbourne Primary School Parents’ Association (also known as Westbourne Parent or Fundraising Association) has been listed with the Charity Commission and entered onto the official Register with the Charity Number 1180788!


The Commission recognises that the Association is a charity that aims to advance the education of Westbourne pupils by developing relationships between staff and parents, as well as helping provide facilities and equipment to support the school.

Feel free to look us up on the Charity Commission website!


This is great news and will really help boost the fundraising efforts that all of us make together for our school - parents, carers, grand-parents, friends and teachers of Westbourne pupils!


Achieving charitable status will bring the Fundraising Association many benefits, including:



This is quite new for the volunteers, so if anyone has experience of setting up such arrangements and would be willing to advise and lend a hand, we would be very pleased to hear from you! Please get in touch via Classlist, email or better still, do feel free to come along to our meetings! 


Want to help?


All parents of Westbourne Primary School children are automatically members of Westbourne Fundraising Association. Apart from holding events which enable parents to socialise with each other, the Association, through its fundraising activities, generates extra funds, all of which can provide additional equipment or technology for the students.


The WFA Committee is made up of a group of enthusiastic members, each of whom has a designated role based on a specialist skill they hold or an experience they can share. We are a hard-working team, dedicated to making sure all our events run smoothly, and importantly make sure our children have fun whilst raising funds towards upgrades of school facilities.


If you would like more information about us, or would like to join our team, please check when our next meeting is and come along. Alternatively, you can contact us via the following:


  • Dropping a note in the WFA post box via the school office
  • Email:  
  • Facebook: "Westbourne Parents' Notice Board"




The WFA are now using the free award-winning App Classlist to keep in touch with the school community. 158 parents have already signed up since September, and I would urge all of you to sign up in order to benefit from its excellent features and keep abreast of all WFA communication. The App is totally free, parents can choose which details to share, which notifications to receive, and can delete it at any point. Register on: and search for Westbourne.