Westbourne Primary School


Welcome back to a new academic year, and welcome to all the pupils, parents/ carers, and families new to the school community.

We hope everyone had a good summer break and we are very pleased to let you know about all the exciting events the Fundraising Association has in store for this term.

Last year as a charity, despite our unusual circumstances, we managed to raise about £800 through the Christmas and Summer Raffle, the used uniform sales and Mufti days. Thank you everyone!
It was our utmost pleasure to hand over to the school a check in a sum of £5000 in September 2020, thanks to the previous year fundraising efforts, which has been put to great use.

As a charity, the main purpose of the WFA is to help stretch the school budget for things like renewing old equipment, books and toys. This benefits all of the pupils at Westbourne. We do this mainly through events like the school fairs, which are also great fun for Westbourne families.

We are very happy to announce that the plans are in motion to have a Christmas Fair again this year on the 27th of November!
Make sure you save the date!

We will be having a couple of Mufti days this autumn, where we will be asking for donations to support our Christmas Fair. 

We realise that parents have less spare time these days, so we are using our charity status to maximise fundraising where we can.
If you have any fundraising ideas, or would like to volunteer for one of our events, please attend our next meeting or email us at

Here are some other ways we are raising funds, so please share amongst your friends and family where appropriate.

Matched giving:
Many companies offer employees the chance to boost fundraising by 'matching' the money they raise for a charity. If parents could check with their employers whether they offer a match scheme and would like to set one up, that would be fantastic! We could potentially double the money we raise! Details of the scheme can be found on the Charities Trust website and it is offered by a huge range of employers. If you think you could be a matched giver for Westbourne, please let us know!

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We participated in Bag2School, do pre-loved uniform and book sale and occasionally cake sales as well.

Thank you



WFA Committee (2021-2022)

Chair: Justen Bailey ( charity trustee)
Deputy Chair:  Phil Stephenson
Treasurers: Mehnaz Khan & Eman Ali ( charity trustee)
Secretary:  Adrienne Horvath (charity trustee)

Facebook administrator: Justen Bailey, Adrienne Horvath

Other Committee Members :

Michelle Bibby
Lauren Cleere
Maricel Ringor
Cassandra Seeger
Julia Seville
Naila Shah
Philip Stephenson
Sagar Vadher
Jo Yuille
Joanna Thumwood

Kelly Groom

Evelyn Navaratnam

WFA class representatives:

Nursery Am: Evelyn Navaratnam
Nursery Pm:

Ember:  Shima Munzune
Avon:   Yuli Wang
Thames : Mariam,  Caro Arnaud

Year 1:
Cherwell:  Marina Ketterer
Ribble :  Shima Munzune, Krystyna King
Waveney: Attia

Year 2:
Eden:  Avy Chen

Year 3:
Dart: Amy T Sichani

Year 4:
Tay:  Adrienne Horvath
Lea: Louise Couldridge
Fleet: Jo Yuille

Year 5:
Tyne: Lauren Cleere, Caro Arnaud

Year 6:
Derwent: Marina Ketterer
Trent:  Marina Ketterer


MUFTI DAY on Friday 1st October 2021!


The holiday spirit is coming to Westbourne Primary! Every year our children look forward to enjoying some festive cheer at the Christmas Fair organised by The Westbourne Fundraising Association. It’s on 27th November this year. Each class will be in charge of their own stall and they need our help to have fun prizes for the games they come up with to raise money for the school!


The children get to go to school on Friday October 01st in Mufti attire in exchange for a small but vital donation towards the Christmas Fair.



New Pound shop Toy


New Pound shop Toy


A new craft-related pound shop item (e.g. coloured pencils, crayons, stickers, glitter, colouring books, paints, googly eyes etc.)


New Pound Shop Home Decor Items (e.g.candle, picture frame, potpourri, towels,plaques,tea light holders etc)


New Men’s Toiletry Item


New Pound shop Home Decor Items (e.g.candle, picture frame, potpourri, towels,plaques,tea light holders etc)


New Women’s Toiletry Item


New Pound Shop Toy




Want to get more involved? We would greatly appreciate any effort you can make, small or large!!!

There are lots of jobs involved in putting on these events, something for every level of commitment, so please get in touch! Email:



If you have any of the above mentioned gifts or soft toys, please do bring them and hand it over at the school office marked FAO WFA.



Westbourne Fundraising Association (WFA)


About us

Westbourne Fundraising Association is a Registered Charity (Charity Number 1180788) that supports the school by running events to raise money for school projects. Our events include the highly successful Christmas and summer fairs, plus book fairs, raffles and cake sales. Over the years we’ve raised thousands of pounds towards a new library, interactive whiteboards, a new kitchen, beautiful landscaped gardens and a new hall. Please send us your comments on things you think were good, or could be improved.


Great News (November 2018)!

The parent volunteers are proud to announce that following a successful application, Westbourne Primary School Parents’ Association (also known as Westbourne Parent or Fundraising Association) has been listed with the Charity Commission and entered onto the official Register with the Charity Number 1180788!


The Commission recognises that the Association is a charity that aims to advance the education of Westbourne pupils by developing relationships between staff and parents, as well as helping provide facilities and equipment to support the school.

Feel free to look us up on the Charity Commission website!


This is great news and will really help boost the fundraising efforts that all of us make together for our school - parents, carers, grand-parents, friends and teachers of Westbourne pupils!


Achieving charitable status will bring the Fundraising Association many benefits, including:



This is quite new for the volunteers, so if anyone has experience of setting up such arrangements and would be willing to advise and lend a hand, we would be very pleased to hear from you! Please get in touch via Classlist, email or better still, do feel free to come along to our meetings! 


Want to help?


All parents of Westbourne Primary School children are automatically members of Westbourne Fundraising Association. Apart from holding events which enable parents to socialise with each other, the Association, through its fundraising activities, generates extra funds, all of which can provide additional equipment or technology for the students.


The WFA Committee is made up of a group of enthusiastic members, each of whom has a designated role based on a specialist skill they hold or an experience they can share. We are a hard-working team, dedicated to making sure all our events run smoothly, and importantly make sure our children have fun whilst raising funds towards upgrades of school facilities.


If you would like more information about us, or would like to join our team, please check when our next meeting is and come along. Alternatively, you can contact us via the following:


  • Dropping a note in the WFA post box via the school office
  • Email:  
  • Facebook: "Westbourne Parents' Notice Board"




The WFA are now using the free award-winning App Classlist to keep in touch with the school community. 158 parents have already signed up since September, and I would urge all of you to sign up in order to benefit from its excellent features and keep abreast of all WFA communication. The App is totally free, parents can choose which details to share, which notifications to receive, and can delete it at any point. Register on: and search for Westbourne.






WFA Fundraising news - December 2019


Westbourne children and families enjoyed a fantastic Christmas Fair on Saturday!



The school halls were packed with all manner of craft, games, delicious food and drink, entertainment and fun – everyone had a great time and a few children did not want to leave! Congratulations to this year’s organisers, Evelyn Navaratnam and Priya Gautham, for all their hard work in putting together such a successful and lively event. Our treasurers have been busy counting up the funds raised and we are delighted to announce that the total is a brilliant…


£ 2791.29!

A further £260 was raised for Local Families with Bleeding Disorders and we donated remaining chocolates, sweets and toys to Sutton Community Award winner Robert Watson’s Christmas toy appeal for delivery to local hospitals, hospices and disadvantaged children.



Thank you very much to everyone who came to sort through mufti-day donations, wrap presents, set up and clear away stalls and especially those who donated cakes and biscuits – everything sold out! It was great to see so many pupils, ex-pupils, older siblings and Year 6 ‘elves’ at school on a Saturday helping to move tables and manage the games and stalls. We would like to thank Twickenham Rugby Museum for donating tickets to our raffle as they were not on the programme and to Papa John’s pizza for their generous donation. Special thanks to the wonderful “Snow Sisters” from ‘Flossy and Blossom Parties’ who were kept very busy with singing and selfies as our Elsa and Anna for the day and to Mrs Seeger-Oulton for the lovely ballet performance from the Firebird Academy.


Many thanks to Eman Ali, Taminah & Firdosh Alimardani, Lacey Allan & Logan, Francis & Amma Allotey, Nana & Kara Amoah, Zahra Aziz, Justen Bailey, Matt, Michelle & Maisie Bibby, Ashley Bissoli, Kavita Bogadi, Avy Chen, Lauren Cleere, Dean & Louise Couldridge, Gemma Dickson, Anita Eedpuganti, Naiya & Mahi Gandhi, Neelima Gera, Selina Griffin, Kelly Groom, Nicola Haji-Savva, Amy Hearn & Paul Ferman, Deborah Hedges, Gareth Henderson, Adrienn Horvath, Tejashree Jagdale, Suriyha Jasly, Kasia Jaworska, Bea Jennings, Kwangeun Jung, Virginia Kennedy, Fred Bastello & Mariel Bastello-Kennedy, Marina, Sky & Finley Ketterer, Mehnaz Khan, Ravikalaa Krishnan, Reena Kumaran, Alex Lennon, Laura Love, Sravanthi Marthala, Jayamali Masinghe, Sarah Middleton, Richard & Danielle Minto, Jasly Mihdad, Paulina Mubasher, Attia Mughal, Jawairia Mir, Ghousia Nadeem, Anna & Tia Nagalingum, Wendy Nielsen, Emma Nixon, Eunjoo Oh, Mrs. Pope, Craig Porteous & Stephanie Keens, Sadia Rashid, Maricel Ringor, Joey Samson, Rani Scotney, Cassandra Seeger -Oulton, Naila Shah, Fiona Sharp, Neetu Singla, Phil & Jennifer Stephenson, Agneiska Strek, Vani Subramaniam, Jo Thumwood, Sine Trujillo, Suzanne Tyne, Natasha Uzama, Sagar Vadher,  

Rachel Van Der Horst, Yuli Wang, Lorna Watson & Emily, Rob & Jo Yuille, Yueh Zhou.


Thank you also to Mr Miracapillo, Mrs Fulton, Mr Bovington, Mrs Bolton and all the Westbourne staff who give up their time to help the WFA with running these events.



The Christmas Fair funds can be added to the other Westbourne Fundraising Association events of the year so far making a grand total of…



This is a fabulous amount of extra money raised for our school after only one term! Thank you so much to everyone who has come along, contributed to mufti days and volunteered. It is much appreciated, and we can look forward to more events and fun in 2020 starting with our new…

Quiz Night!

on Saturday January 18th! This will be a grown-ups only event at Cheam Social Club and tickets will be on sale soon, so keep an eye out as there is limited availability. If you’d like to get involved, the next WFA general meeting will be held in the Ritchie Room on Friday January 10th after school drop-off. Please get in touch via email Classlist, Facebook or via email



We wish you all a wonderful Christmas holiday and Happy New Year!

Fundraising news!


October has only just started, but we have already got the year’s fundraising off to a wonderful start with £2412.79 raised so far thanks to everyone’s support!

Firstly, our MacMillan Cancer Support coffee morning raised an amazing £154,63 for a fantastic cause that affects so many families. Thank you to all who contributed cakes, donated money and came along to say hello. Well done to Louise & Dean Couldridge for organising the sale.

Secondly, Westbourne’s very first Preloved nearly new sale raised £400, which is a fantastic amount for a first-time event and provided a great opportunity to recycle rather than throw away those items we no longer need, as well as having a lot of fun. Money was also raised for Local Families with Bleeding Disorders and leftover clothing given to the Sutton Lighthouse charity, who thank Westbourne for their kind gift. Thank you to Emily Rees for running the Westbourne table and sorting through the donations.

Finally, thank you to everyone for making the 📙 Pop-up Book store 📘 such an enjoyable and successful event. We raised a total of £1458.16 though the sale of new books, giving us £814.90 to spend on brand new literacy material for school. A further £400 was raised by the ‘Great Westbourne Book Exchange’ mufti day and the children certainly had fun passing on their favourite books to friends and finding new stories to take home.

👏 Could we thank Mr Bovington very much for going above and beyond his regular duties in helping us run our events. We would also like to thank Jo Yuille for storing and coming along to sell second-hand uniform, which we know many parents appreciate very much. Also, many thanks to Mr Miracapillo and the amazing Westbourne staff for giving up free time and helping wherever they could. Thank you too to all the parents who pitched in to help run stalls, set out the halls and clear away after. We really couldn't do it without you!

🎅DON’T FORGET! Saturday November 30th, Westbourne pupils will be really looking forward to the Christmas Fair! If you are able to help in any way, please get in touch via Classlist/Facebook and at