Westbourne Primary School


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Our Vision – a Thriving & Flourishing Childhood

Belonging    Excellence   Success    Happiness


Westbourne is a friendly, caring, family community striving for excellence –

committed to achievement and sharing in the success of each individual


Curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum is designed to enable and enact our school’s vision and mission, regardless of an individual's needs:

Belonging - pastoral care, nurturing, friendship, positive relationships, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development, promoting British values;

Excellence - aspirations and opportunities to develop cognitive (thinking well), practical (acting well - morality and citizenship) and creative (making well - artistic, musical, productive) skills;

Success - academic, personal, social;

Happiness - enjoyment, memorable experiences, love of learning.


Through our HPL (High Performance Learning) programme, we aim to nurture children’s aspirations on their life-long journey to become:

Empathetic: confident, collaborative and concerned for society;

Agile: enquiring, creative and enterprising, open-minded and risk-taking;

Hard-working: practising, persevering and resilient;

High-performing learners: mastering Advanced Thinking Skills (meta-cognition, linking, analysing, creating and realising).


Westbourne's Curriculum: Our knowledge-engaged approach

Our school's vision, mission and values permeate the fabric of the Curriculum, which is designed with equality and inclusion at its core, making it accessible to all children, including those with disabilities or special educational needs.

The Curriculum is the entirety of provision and experiences at Westbourne, i.e. all the learning opportunities that children experience in school: in-class teaching and learning, outdoor learning, educational visits tightly linked to the learning (including residential camps and trips), workshops, clubs (before school, at lunchtime and after school), local/national/international initiatives, assemblies, enrichment (e.g. Philosophy in Year 5, RE days in Year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Our aim is to intertwine seamlessly the mastery of an ambitious, broad and balanced body of subject-specific knowledge within a cross-curricular teaching environment, infusing life into the curriculum and making it relevant and meaningful to pupils, putting knowledge into context. Knowledge and skills are intrinsically linked: skill is a performance (physical or cognitive) built on knowledge, the ‘know-how’ of the ‘known’. The school actively promotes the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of children (including the promotion of fundamental British Values), as well as encouraging attitudes such as resilience, perseverance, character development, altruism through specific teaching (PSHCE) and a vast range of experiences and initiatives (e.g. fundraising, Councils, assemblies, festival celebrations, sports, music, art, clubs).

What do children learn at Westbourne?