Westbourne Primary School

Forest School


‘Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment.’ (Forest School Association)

The aim for our Forest School is to holistically develop a sense of ownership, creativity and independence in the children’s learning. With such a beautiful and extensive wood right on the school grounds at Westbourne, there are so many more opportunities for the children to enhance their learning and development.



Forest School covers a wide range of different activities and skills including:

  1. Nature explorers e.g. scavenger hunts and woodland mapping

  2. Forest Arts e.g. making magic wands, headdresses and woodland jewellery

  3. Survival Skills e.g. making fires and building shelters

  4. Wildlife Team Games e.g. Ant Trail and Hungry Birds

In some sessions the children may be led by adults to practise different skills or complete tasks, whereas in other sessions a more child-led approach can be taken where the children explore the area in their own ways.


Rules and Routines:

  • Children are supervised by all classroom staff as well as a Westbourne Forest School leader.

  • Children are shown the designated area and base camp in every session.

  • All tasks are clearly modelled to the children with correct procedure before-hand.



Throughout this year we are hosting introductory sessions for each class. You will be notified on ParentMail when your child’s class are approaching their introduction to Forest School. After their introductory sessions, Forest School clothing can be kept in school and returned with PE kits at the end of term. This will enable classes to experience further Forest School sessions through to the end of the year.


Year 1

Year 2