Westbourne Primary School

Y6 Southwark Cathedral Trip - January 2020

Both Trent and Fleet Classes spent fantastic days at Southwark Cathedral over the last couple of weeks. Each day began with an exciting train journey up to London Bridge (after a loud and rather chilly wait at the station!) and a few gasps could be heard as the children looked up towards the top of The Shard! Once inside the Cathedral, the children took part in some excellent Victorian activities. The session began with the children dressing up in authentic costumes and finding out what laundry day would have entailed in Victorian times before attending a morning at strict Victorian school. During their morning work the children participated brilliantly- writing on a slate and taking the Victorian punishments for slouching and talking out of turn very good naturedly indeed! As a reward for their excellent behaviour, the children were given a copybook in which to practise their Victorian letters when they got home. Following lunch and a whistle-stop tour around the gift shop, they then investigated the streets of London…checking out The Golden Hind, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Globe theatre and many other main attractions along The Thames. All of the Year 6 children were amazing representatives of Westbourne and were complimented by various people throughout the trip- well done to you all…and thank you!

(Photos to follow soon!)