Westbourne Primary School

Pupil Voice

School Council


The children at Westbourne have an enormous impact with how the school operates! We have an extremely active School Council, which meets approximately twice per half term. As the school returns to normal, they have helped staff with some very important decisions, including:

  • creating the 'School Council's Best Behaviours' (image below)
  • telling teachers their favourite areas of learning (more information below)
  • telling staff their favourite clubs and any new clubs that could be set up
  • feedback and marking (more information below)
  • play equipment for break/lunch
  • how the curriculum at Westbourne can be even more amazing!



What is the area of learning that you enjoy the most at school?

Reading/Phonics                                       Art

Literacy/Writing/ERIC                             Geography

Maths (& Big Maths)                                History/Topic

Growing/Animals/Science                        DT

R.E.                                                           P.E./Get Active

Learning French                                        Chromebooks/Computing

Outdoor Learning/Forest School              Drama

PSHCE                                                     Philosophy (open minded)

BBB – working in groups                         Managerial Challenge


What’s your favourite part of the week?

Fun Club                                                   Big Maths

Forest School                                            Computing (learning to code)

PE (with Mr Jiggins)                                 Music (learning new instrument)

Basketball                                                 DT/Art

Philosophy                                                Science

Weekend                                                   Spelling Test

Sitting next to someone new                    PP Early Morning Club/Breakfast

Raffle day                                                 New week/topic

Mon – Fri/All the days – love school and all the teachers

Playing on the field                            Rounders


What’s your favourite part of the school day?

Playing outside                             Get Active

Forest School                                Break

Playing with animals                     Literacy (writing stories)

PE                                                 Maths

Basketball                                     Computing/Chromebooks/Scratch

Friends                                          Topic/Research

Drawing/Art                                  Science (cool experiments)

Lunchtime                                     Fruit time

Going home                                  Watching recorded assemblies

Time for Reading/Story Time       When the teacher says “Good Morning”

Quizzes                                         Coming in to school

Managerial Challenge time


When Teachers give you feedback; what kind of feedback do you like or not like?

Like smiley faces and crowns on their work

Like red ticks/stamps/stickers

When my teacher says “well done!” or “perfect”!  Positive language/Verbal feedback

Questions about work

Tick; dot; P

Like writing incorrect spellings/when a mistake is underlined for you to correct

Like examples of how to improve

Like the double tick so you know what phrases are great in English

Praise for improvement/working hard


What Subjects would you like to learn about?

Astronomy                        Zodiacs

Cooking/Food Tech          Spanish

Fencing                             Programming

Construction                     Gardening


When clubs are able to start up again next year, which clubs would you like to be offered?

Cooking/Baking                            Chess                           History

Singing/Music/Choir                     Lego                            Computer/Coding

Sports                                            Board Games              Fun Club

Dance/Disco                                  Cricket                        Story Club

Gymnastics                                   Tennis                          Yoga

Drawing/Arts & Crafts                 Sewing                        Harry Potter

Football                                         Languages (Korean)    Monopoly

ICT                                                Basketball                   DT

Nature                                           Drama/Per Arts           Dodgeball

Friendship Club                            Gaming                       Hobby Horse

Homework                                                Indoor Athletics          Cycling

Table Tennis                                 Volleyball                    Debating

Netball                                          Hockey                        Piano

Cheerleading                                 Tag Rugby                  Recorder

Brain Gym                                    Gardening                   Rock Band

Handball                                       Badminton



Safety at School

The School Council had a meeting to discuss safety at school.

Here are the questions and their thoughtful answers!


  1. Do you feel safe at school?


I feel safe if there was a fire as the alarm goes off and we have lots of practice.

Teachers make us feel safe.

Everyone feels safe – they are all very supportive.

Teachers are kind and always help.

Friends make me feel safe.

We’re all equal – there is care for all.

My class is like a big family.


  1. What does being safe mean?


Being careful.

Happy, lovely and playing.

Being comfortable and someone cares.

The whole school is safe and Teachers are like parents to us.

All are equally important.

Feeling of belonging.

No worries.

Everyone’s voice is heard.


Friends are there to help when faced with obstacles.


  1. What things might not make you feel safe?


If you fall out with your friends.

If nobody cares.

If you’re treated like you’re worthless.

Being ignored.

Feeling alone.


Mrs B asked the members if they feel physically safe at school – ALL SAID THEY DO!



  1. What would you do to help you feel safe?


Ask friends to help.

Tell a teacher.

Any adult? Are there any you couldn’t talk to?

Only people I actually know.

All teachers/adults.


  1. How do we teach you to feel safe at School?



Practice fire alarm.

Make posters for Online Safety.

Are there any lessons about being safe?


Online Safety.

Sutton Life Centre.


  1. What does the word ‘Bullying’ mean?


Rude words.

Any kind of hitting.

Constantly being mean to the same person.

People treating you differently.

Making you feel unsafe.

Being rude for a long time.


  1. Do you think bullying happens at Westbourne:



Sometimes – within group of friends.

When you’re being ignored or friends are verbally mean.


Mrs B talked about the difference between friends having a row and falling out for a little while and when someone who isn’t a friend keeps picking on you a lot or constantly being mean for no reason.  All members understood this.

Mrs B asked if we have lessons about bullying and all said – YES!




  1. Do you think School/Teachers help sort any problems?


All:         YES!


Can keep telling the teacher/adult if continues – have a good relationship with everyone – feel comfortable.


Mrs B asked if the members would like to hold a Circle Time with their friends in class – where they can ask similar questions.  (Mrs B & Mrs W will get some questions ready for each member).  If anyone was nervous, their teacher will help them.


All:         YES!