Westbourne Primary School

HPL Self-Assessment

'How to Behave' (The VAAs)


From Nursery to Year 2, children focus on 'How to Behave'. They then move on to 'How to Think' from Year 3 to 6 (not forgetting the values they have learnt in younger years!).

As a class, children self-assess their understanding and application of the VAAs on the posters (3 examples below). This helps them to see where they are as a class, and then the next steps as they develop their HPL skills further.


We have created a progression chart with 5 stages for each of the behaviours:

'How to Behave' (The VAAs)

'How to Think' (The ACPs)


Children in Years 3 to 6 focus on 'How to Think'. When we have completed our focus on a particular group of ACPs, children think about which stage best suits their understanding. They complete this independently; it allows them to see the next steps to develop their thinking further!