Westbourne Primary School

HPL Introduction

HPL (High Performance Learning) was founded in 2015 by Professor Deborah Eyre, a global educational leader, academic researcher, writer and influencer focused on helping good schools become world class. 40 years of her research culminated in the creation of the High Performance Learning philosophy and framework which re-imagines education and creates schools where almost everyone performs highly and students are able to perform well in school and in their later lives.


In November 2020, teaching staff were introduced to High Performance Learning. This exciting and prestigious framework – which is reserved only for the most successful schools – is shaping the direction and vision for Westbourne for future years.


At its core, HPL instils a belief in learners that they will succeed and can achieve high performance (see below) and statistics prove that it has a significant impact over time.



We will be gradually adopting more of the HPL philosophy to life here at Westbourne and parents are included in this too! The process will begin over the next week or two with teachers launching it to their class through exciting activities that require various HPL skills to complete tasks. Children will be introduced to the ACPs (Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics) and over time they will become very familiar to these as they are used as part of everyday teaching and learning across the school. Soon, we will be adapting Mr Miracapillo’s Headteacher award with children being given the class award for displaying a certain characteristic (we will be focussing on one per week across the school).


The ACPs are below; we will be making these far more child-friendly (we may well launch a competition for the children to create their designs!).

Advanced Cognitive Characteristics (ACPs)

Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs)