Westbourne Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr D. Miracapillo

Mrs A. Fulton
Deputy Headteacher (EYFS and Pastoral)


Mr P. Goldhawk

Deputy Headteacher (Assessment and Curriculum)


Mrs D. Slack
School Business Manager


Mrs H. Ofoego

Family Support Worker and Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss Z. Aves

Acting Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)


Mrs P. Williams

Nursery Teacher

Miss L. Adkins (Reception Year Leader)
Reception Teacher - Avon Class


Miss S. Kirk
Reception Teacher - Ember Class


Miss J. Davis
Reception Teacher - Thames Class


Miss R. Skinner (Year 1 Leader)

Year 1 Teacher - Waveney Class


Mrs L. Philand
Year 1 Teacher- Cherwell Class (3 days)


Mrs H. Buckingham

Year 1 Teacher - Cherwell Class (2 days)


Mr M. Lomath

Year 1 Teacher - Ribble Class


Mr T. Booth (Year 2 Leader and 1/2 Phase Leader)
Year 2 Teacher - Beverley Class


Miss A. Hudson

Year 2 Teacher - Mole Class


Mr M. Leake

Year 2 Teacher - Eden Class


Mr B. Dixon (Year 3 Leader and Y3/4 Phase Leader)

Year 3 Teacher - Mersey Class


Miss A. Cameron
Year 3 Teacher - Kennet Class


Mrs L. Rondeau
Year 3 Teacher - Dart Class


Mr A. Regan (Y4 Leader)
Year 4 Teacher - Fleet Class


Miss L. Herriett
Year 4 Teacher - Lea Class


Miss S. Godfrey
Year 4 Teacher - Tay Class


Miss N. Mehta (Y5 Leader)

Year 5 Teacher - Tyne Class


Miss O. Keith
Year 5 Teacher - Medway Class


Mrs R. Rozario

Year 5 Teacher - Tweed Class


Miss J. Craig (Y5/6 Phase Leader)

Year 6 Teacher - Fleet Class

Mrs J. Bolton (Leading Practitioner and Y6 Leader)
Year 6 Teacher - Trent Class


Mrs K. Owen

Mrs R. Martyn
School Business Officer


Mrs S. Cotter

School Secretary


Mrs J. Cavedaschi

School Office Assistant


Mr C. Bovington


Mrs F. Emans
Teaching Assistant


Mrs M Keogh
Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Zanutto
Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Wilson
Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Rolls
Teaching Assistant

Ms S. Keens
Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Schofield
Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Tang
Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Mumford

Teaching Assistant


Mr J. Mitchell

Teaching Assistant


Mrs M. Porkolab

Teaching Assistant


Mrs P. Donohue

Teaching Assistant and Midday supervisor


Mrs P. Swida

Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor


Mrs W. Darlington

Teaching Assistant


Mrs K. Beken-Barnes

Teaching Assistant/ Midday supervisor


Mrs Z. Mitchell

Teaching Assistant/ Midday supervisor


Mrs P. Hudson

Teaching Assistant


Miss S. Webster

Teaching Assistant


Mrs S. Langley

Teaching Assistant


Mrs H. Fatima

Teaching Assistant


Mrs A. Higgins

Teaching Assistant


Mrs R. Kirby

Teaching Assistant


Miss K. Madle

Teaching Assistant


Mrs M. Heidar

Teaching Assistant


Mrs S. Gray

Teaching Assistant


Mrs P. Slade

Teaching Assistant


Mr M. Jiggins
Sports Coach

Mr B. Moore
Basketball Coach

Mrs. V. Madle
Swimming Instructor


Mrs T. Minnette
School Catering Manager

Miss H. Marsh
Assistant Caterer


Mrs N. Uzama

Catering Assistant


Mrs S. Forrester

Catering Assistant and school cleaner


Miss C. Ball

Midday supervisor


Miss K. Gaunt

Midday supervisor


Ms N. Edwards

Midday Supervisor


Mrs J Blatchford
School cleaner

Mrs E. Lakova
School cleaner