Westbourne Primary School

Debating Competition

On Thursday Westbourne debaters headed to Barrow Hedges Primary School for their first competition of the year! Each team of three children were given 15 minutes of planning time to get their head around some tricky debate motions. Following this each child had to try and speak for 3 minutes about their topic. They also had to listen to their opposition speakers and try to offer relevant ‘Points of Information’. At the end of the debate the judges also awarded points for quality of argument and offering rebuttal (relevant points in response to the other speaker’s ‘Point of Information’). All of the children performed brilliantly in the competition and this is the result of their hard work at debating club this term. Westbourne debaters can now look forward to the return debate after Christmas and a trip to City Hall in London to see where some of the capital’s important debates happen!​