Westbourne Primary School

Celebration of Learning afternoon

Celebration of Learning Afternoon


Dear Parents,

In response to parental feedback in last year’s questionnaires, and as a result of the school’s self-evaluation, we will be organising two Celebration of Learning afternoons (Infants and Juniors) in July. This is a great opportunity for children to showcase their learning and discuss with you their progress throughout the year. The children will lead the celebration of learning, presenting their work in books and discussing their achievements.

The logistics of the afternoon are as follows:

Infants on Tuesday 9th July between 1:30 – 3:00pm (Reception/Y1 in the Main Hall, Y2 in the Sports Hall);

Juniors on Wednesday 10th July between 1:30 – 3:00pm (Y3/4 in the Main Hall, Y5/6 in the Sports Hall).

The parents are invited to come into school (via the Main Entrance) and will be directed to the appropriate Hall. Children will be called once their parents have arrived, and will carry their books ready to show the parents in the Hall (not in their classroom). There will also be a parental voice form for you to comment on your child’s achievement and progress.

Once finished, the books and the parental voice form will be left on the class table provided, and the parents are responsible to take the children home directly from the Hall (the children will have their lunchbox, book bag, etc. with them). Should you have a sibling in the other Phase, the children can go and collect them ready to be taken home earlier.

Lastly, on each class’s table there will be a sheet to book an optional 5-minute slot with the class teacher on Tuesday 16/7 between 3:30-5:30pm, should you have any specific questions you may wish to discuss with the teacher.

I hope this will be a fantastic opportunity for children to be proud of their learning, as well as a chance for parents to review their children’s progress with them.


Thank you.

Mr Miracapillo