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At Westbourne we encourage the children to develop spiritual, moral and cultural awareness through R.E lessons.  Lessons are taught for an hour a week and follow the agreed Sutton syllabus (SACRE.) Through assembly times children have opportunities to learn about other religions.


R.E lessons allow our children to learn about different religions and improve their understanding of the beliefs of others.  The children are often keen to learn more of the faiths celebrated by others in their class.  We teach children to be open- minded and to seek information to help answer questions they may have about different religions. 


Each academic year the children learn about different elements of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. 


Lessons are based on the following themes:


  • Places
  • Writings and stories
  • Festivals
  • Key people
  • Rites of passage


We encourage first hand experiences to encourage learning through handling real artefacts and wherever possible arranging fieldwork visits to places of religious significance.  The children enjoy listening to speakers about day to day life of different religions.


At Westbourne, through R.E the children learn to


Investigate, Analyse, Interpret, Reflect, Empathise, Evaluate and Express ideas and opinions.


Here are some websites you could look at to learn more about different faiths and click on the 'religion' tab!


Check back soon for some examples of children's work and photos of us learning about R.E!