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Design and Technology


Design and Technology


At Westbourne, we incorporate Design and Technology within the class topic, whenever possible, whilst realising that specific skills need to be taught to ensure that the correct use is made of tools and materials.  All the children have opportunities to complete a design and make task each term and D.T. Day each year gives additional opportunities for assessment.  Design and Technology requires pupils to apply skills and knowledge acquired from a range of subjects.  D.T. is directly concerned with generating ideas, making, doing and evaluating.  At Westbourne, it is our aim to increase the child's awareness and understanding of D.T. and its significance in society and their surrounding environment.




Through D.T. it is our aim to:


•  encourage pupils to make judgements of the aesthetic, economic, social and technological quality of their work and that of others.

•  give pupils a sense of enjoyment and pride in their ability to design and make.

•  use a range of hand tools safely and effectively.

•  Make pupils aware of the similarities and differences between designing and making in school and in industry and commerce.

•  encourage the children to be flexible in their thinking so that making challenges can be met.

•  encourage children to use previous learning and experience to assist them in problem solving.

•  develop the children's communication and social skills, enabling them to work as part of a team.

•  encourage respect for the ways in which people of different cultural backgrounds, past and present, have shown their ability to enrich the environment.

•  foster care for the environment by encouraging a sensible use of scarce or consumable resources.

•  encourage the children to be aware of health and safety issues at all times.