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Maths Parents Workshop Resources - February 2018




Mathematics is all around us- it underpins much of our daily lives and helps us to make good decisions about our futures. Knowledge and understanding of this subject is therefore critical to our children's futures and, here at Westbourne, we like to ensure that our pupils are both mathematically literate and mathematically confident. We aim to give our children the best possible grounding in Mathematics during their primary years.


Number and arithmetic are the key components to this and we teach the children that it is much more than just the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and the ability to use traditional written methods. Understanding about number begins in the Nursery when counting in nursery rhymes, moves through the school when calculating with and reasoning about numbers of all sizes and concludes in Year Six when establishing the foundations for algebraic thinking.


At Westbourne the children use a variety of mental and informal methods to develop their grasp of number before moving on to more efficient traditional ways of calculating. Throughout the teaching and learning of the Mathematics curriculum, the children will also undertake different practical, hands-on experiences to enhance and deepen their knowledge and understanding.


Core Mathematical Learning:


  •       Using and applying
  •       Counting, comparing and ordering numbers, and describing the relationship between them
  •       Securing a knowledge of number facts which can be recalled quickly, and then used and applied appropriately
  •       Calculating efficiently and accurately
  •       Positioning and transforming shapes, and recognising and using their properties to visualise and construct shapes
  •       Measuring accurately using appropriate units, and nterpreting and comparing scales
  •       Processing, presenting and interpreting data to pose and answer questions


At Westbourne all of the children take part in a Daily Maths Lesson which encompasses all of the above...and more!

And don't forget about Big Maths...we just love Squiggleworth here!


Happy Maths-ing!


Mrs B