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Walk to School Campaign

Walk to School - May and June 2018


We are running our 'Walk to School' campaign for the months of May and June. 


Remember to walk to school as much as possible, either straight from home or park away from school and walk the last part of the journey.


The children will receive a badge at the end of the month if they have walked enough times.


Happy walking everyone!

Westbourne Walk to School Campaign is just a WIN after another



Children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn.


One in five cars during the morning rush hour are taking children to school - the school run alone is responsible for generating two million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. By walking to school just once per week you can help improve the quality of air your child is growing up in.


The Walk to school is another opportunity for your child to learn road safety.


If you walk to school with your child, you will get fitter too!


Fed up of the traffic and finding a parking space at the school gate? Walking to school can be just as quick as driving and is a nice way to spend a few moments chatting with your child about their day and yours.


Don’t forget you can save money by spending less on petrol.

Anti-Idling Campaign


Do you drive? Are YOU an Idler?

Please turn your engine off and help us to help our children breathe cleaner air.


We are now part of a fabulous campaign called the Anti-Idling Campaign.


It is so easy to help and if you are a parent/carer who drives to school (or picks up), YOU could make all the difference!

Did you know… if you leave a car engine running for 1 minute, your car will emit enough pollution to fill 150 balloons?!! Isn’t it shocking? It has also been proven that air pollution is worse at lower levels, therefore the youngest children are even more exposed to the pollution than the parents who stand next to them.

Please help us reduce pollution and TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE!


Our Year 6 Junior Travel Ambassadors have been outside monitoring to see who leaves their car running whilst they are waiting… and they will be checking again in the next few weeks to see the improvement.