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Nursery PM Class

Welcome to Nursery!

Hello everyone!

We are so excited that you will be joining our nursery class at Westbourne and are looking forward to meeting you very soon. Please find below some useful information about the nursery.

You should have received a letter giving times and dates for our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions along with your child’s date to start nursery.


Please note that these dates might have to change depending on the government advice we are given regarding the opening of schools in September.

We will contact you if these dates have to change.


‘Stay and Play’ sessions give you and your child the opportunity to meet the staff, other children and parents. It also allows you and your child to spend time playing together in the new learning environment. This year, we won’t be making home visits, so these sessions will also be used for us to find out more information about your child, their needs and interests.


We would be very grateful if you could fill in the ‘All about Me’ booklet below and bring it with you to your child’s ‘stay and play’ session, thank you