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April 2021


Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to see how the children have adapted to these unprecedented times. They returned to nursery excited to see their friends and the majority have embraced all of the learning experiences on offer. Although the weather has been changeable at times the children have continued to enjoy the outdoor space and have been very ingenious in creating their own group games. At the end of the spring term, we had a DT week to round off our topic on rhymes and made bridges linked to the rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down. All the children were amazing and very creative in producing their models.

This term, our theme will be traditional stories. We will be growing plants linked to Jack and the Beanstalk, constructing homes for the 3 little pigs and chairs and beds for the 3 bears. However, our main focus will be on getting the children ready for reception class in September. The children will be learning to count and recognise numbers 1-20 and counting in 10’s, they will continue learning phonics sounds and practise writing their names with activities to help develop their pincer grip.

Some of the things that you can be doing at home to help your child prepare for the transition to Reception are:

  • Encourage them to put their coats on by themselves;
  • Encourage them to try to fasten their coats;
  • Encourage them to dress themselves;
  • Ensure that they can use the toilet independently, without the support of an adult;
  • Read stories together each day and talk about the characters;
  • Learn to use a knife and fork.

These small but important activities can help prepare your child for Reception.

We will be changing the way we receive and hand over the children at the beginning and end of each session. At the start of each session, we will open the gate closest to the road, to allow parents and children to line up in front of the gate closest to the nursery. An adult will receive the children and ensure they sanitize their hands before going into nursery. At the end of the session the children will remain on the carpet, the gate closest to the road will be opened for parents to line up in single file in front of the gate closest to the nursery. An adult will then call children from the carpet and hand them over to their parent.

In order to keep everyone safe, please continue to adhere to the 2 metre distance when lining up.


Thank you for your continuing support.


The Nursery Staff


December 2020

Dear Parents,

It has been great to see the children becoming more independent within the nursery. They have consolidated some friendships and are becoming more expressive in their play, their communication with their peers and the staff team.

The children enjoyed the HPL launch week and were very imaginative in designing and creating their shoe. Also, this term they have learnt about various celebrations and have expressed their learning in lots of creative ways.

The children are presently excited at the prospect of Christmas and are talking about all the festive things they are doing at home.

We will begin next term with the theme of winter. This will include talking about the types of clothing we would wear, how the environment has changed and what various animals do during the cold winter months.

There will also be an emphasis on encouraging the children to be more independent in their selfcare, If your child is not able to put on their coat independently or use the toilet without adult support, could you please support them in learning to do this over the holidays.

Next term, we will be introducing a number of the week to 10, which will be displayed on our noticeboard at the front gate. Our emphasis will be on number recognition and counting objects, accurately Also, we will begin to learn the phonic sounds.

We would like to let you know that the last day of term for the nursery will be on Wednesday 16th December.

Thank you for your patience and support in adhering to the Covid guidelines.

We would like to wish you all a Happy and safe Christmas break and look forward to seeing the children in the New Year.

The Nursery Team


October 2020



The children have settled very well into the nursery routine and are doing well to learn our class rules. They have started to make friends and it is great to see how they are confidently accessing the play resources.

The children’s learning experiences are being nurtured, both through the indoor and outdoor experiences that they encounter at nursery and they have happily adapted to the unpredictable weather. Some of their favourite things to do in the garden include playing in the mud kitchen and on the double slide and their perseverance in learning to pedal the trikes and mastering the scooters is very rewarding to watch!

As well as the free-choice activities on offer, the children are learning new rhymes related to our topics and are learning to take turns and play cooperatively with each other. They are also learning number and shape names too.

During Autumn 1, we were learning about what makes us happy and Autumn. After the half term holiday, the children will be learning about celebrations. This will include Remembrance Day and Christmas.

We would like to encourage more independence amongst the children, so please can you ensure your child is wearing joggers or trousers that are not tied at the waist and that they are able to pull up and down by themselves.

Also, we would like to remind you of the book changing period. Book bags are taken in on a Monday, they are then quarantined and new books are handed out on a Thursday.

We would like to thank you for adhering to the 2-metre distancing at the gates. However, could we please ask that all parents line up along the right or left side of the green fence and not in the centre of the footpath at the beginning and end of the nursery sessions, thank you.

Well done once again to all the children for settling so well, we are very proud of them all!

Nursery update: August 2020

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to welcoming your child to nursery very soon.

Due to current government guidelines, we have had to make some changes to the way we will be welcoming you and your child to nursery.

Stay and Play Sessions

  • Your child’s stay and play session will still take place on your allocated date, although unfortunately, it will be a shorter session and we will not be able to allow parents to enter the nursery grounds.
  • A member of staff will meet your child at the nursery gate.
  • The stay and play session will only last for half an hour.
  • Weather permitting, the stay and play session will take place in the nursery garden.
  • Please use the time while you are waiting to take any relevant paperwork to the school office.
  • Please stay close to the school during your child’s visit in case they become upset or unsettled.
  • Please maintain a social distance when waiting to drop off and collect your child for their stay and play session

We will attempt to contact any parents who we were unable to speak to before the summer break during the first week of term to discuss any relevant information we should know about your child. It will also give you the opportunity to tell the staff anything about your child that will help them settle. Please note that the phone call will come from a private number.

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to welcoming you to Westbourne in September.

Hello everyone!

We are so excited that you will be joining our nursery class at Westbourne and are looking forward to meeting you very soon. Please find below some useful information about the nursery.

You should have received a letter giving times and dates for our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions along with your child’s date to start nursery.


Please note that these dates might have to change depending on the government advice we are given regarding the opening of schools in September.

We will contact you if these dates have to change.


‘Stay and Play’ sessions give you and your child the opportunity to meet the staff, other children and parents. It also allows you and your child to spend time playing together in the new learning environment. This year, we won’t be making home visits, so these sessions will also be used for us to find out more information about your child, their needs and interests.


We would be very grateful if you could fill in the ‘All about Me’ booklet below and bring it with you to your child’s ‘stay and play’ session, thank you