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WPA (Westbourne Parents' Association)

Westbourne Parents' Association (WPA)


About us

Westbourne Parents’ Association supports the school by running events to raise money for school projects. Our events include the highly successful Christmas and summer fairs, plus book fairs, raffles and cake sales. Over the years we’ve raised thousands of pounds towards a new library, interactive whiteboards, a new kitchen, beautiful landscaped gardens and a new hall. Please send us your comments on things you think were good, or could be improved.


Want to help?


All parents of Westbourne Primary School children are automatically members of Westbourne Parents' Association. Apart from holding events which enable parents to socialise with each other, the Association, through its fundraising activities, generates extra funds, all of which can provide additional equipment or technology for the students.


The WPA Committee is made up of a group of enthusiastic members, each of whom has a designated role based on a specialist skill they hold or an experience they can share. We are a hard-working team, dedicated to making sure all our events run smoothly, and importantly make sure our children have fun whilst raising funds towards upgrades of school facilities.


If you would like more information about us, or would like to join our team, please check when our next meeting is and come along. Alternatively, you can contact us via the following:


  • Dropping a note in the WPA post box via the school office
  • Email:
  • Facebook: "Westbourne Parents' Association"
  • Twitter: @wpa_sutton




2018 Dates:


May 11th - Mufti Day and WPA meeting in the Ritchie Room at 9am

June 11th - WPA meeting at the Harvester, Sutton Common Road, 8pm

June 15th - Mufti Day

June 30th - 11:30am - 2pm - Summer Fair

September 21st - 9am - WPA Annual General Meeting

September 24th - 8pm - WPA AGM (Evening - Harvester Sutton Common Road)


Westbourne Parents' Association Members



Justen Bailey


Deputy Chair

Dean Couldridge



Eman Ali

Mehnaz Khan



Virginia Kennedy



Rani Scotney


Facebook Administrator

Adrienne Rogers

Justen Bailey


Twitter Administrator

Justen Bailey


Summer Fair Coordinator

Dean Couldridge

Emily Rees


Summer Fair Food Coordinator

Lauren Kearsley


Summer Fair Raffle Coordinators

Kelly Groom

Julia Seville


Christmas Fair Coordinators

Cassandra Seeger

Evelyn Navaratnam


Christmas Raffle Coordinator

Adrienne Rogers


Food Coordinator



Easter Raffle Coordinators

Kelly Groom

Julia Seville


Cake Sale Coordinator

Priya Gautham


Second Hand Uniform

Joanna Yuille


Graphic Designers

Emily Rees

Wanda Henderson


Art Director

Cassandra Seeger


Committee Members

Naila Hussain

Jignesh Sanghvi

Rohit Singla

Priya Gautham

Emma Fitzgerald




WPA Class Representatives


Westbourne Parents’ Association have organised a representative for each class to keep you up to date with what we are doing, and to ask for help when we are running events. There are only a handful of us and we need our fellow parents and guardians to help pull together during fundraising events, to ensure they both can go ahead, and that they are a fun, happy success for everyone. If you are interested in becoming a representative for your class, please email us at


Your representatives are:





Kelly Groom

Vicky Porter





Julia Seville



Justen Bailey



Lauren Kearsley

Louise Couldridge


Year 1






Eman Ali



Sine Trujillo


Year 2



Neelima Gera



Cassandra Seeger

Vicky Porter


Year 3



Birsen Yildiz



Ewa Cichocka



Laura Dyer


Year 4



Priya Gautham



Virginia Kennedy


Year 5



Marina Ketterer



Joanna Yuille


Year 6


Fleet/ Trent

Marie Brass