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Trent Class Year 6


Welcome to Trent Class!


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Hi Kids…and Parents!

Boo! This is your last term at Westbourne…so let’s make it a good one!

We hope that you have had a fab Easter break in the sunshine(some of you!) and the rain (most of us!). It is so lovely to see how much revising you have been doing! You certainly have come back to school with your brains fully charged and raring to go! Good job… as SATs are only just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to be so alert!


As you all know SATs Week begins on Monday 14th May and finishes on Friday 18th May. It is absolutely vital that you are in school every day this week in order to complete all of the tasks that have been so kindly set for you!

The timetable below shows you what you will be undertaking each day:





Reading Comprehension


Written Arithmetic

Reasoning 1


Reasoning 2








It is essential that you all arrive in school on time every day that week, and we would love it if everyone came to our SATs breakfast each morning at 8.20 am. You are allowed to bring in a healthy snack to have between tests and a refillable water bottle is also advisable. PE kits will be needed every day as well as your well-used Revision Folders! Then of course, on the Friday afternoon, we will be celebrating the end of SATs with a party…yay! More details to follow.


After SATs, both classes will be embarking upon their much anticipated trips to the Isle of Wight! The children (and we) can’t wait! We will be leaving at about 9:30am on the Sunday and will arrive back on the Friday at approximately 5pm.


Here are some important dates for your diary:

Thursday 3rd May- Orchestra Assembly

Monday 14th-Friday 18th May- SATs week

Sunday 20th May-Friday 25th May Fleet Isle of Wight trip

Thursday 7th June- Fleet Assembly

Sunday 10th June-Friday 15th June- Trent Isle of Wight  

Thursday 21st June- Trent Assembly

Friday 22nd June- INSET Day

Monday 25th June- Junior Sports Day

Tuesday 26th June- Borough Athletics Tournament

Saturday 20th June-Summer Fair

Wednesday 4th July- Transition day to high schools

Friday 6th July-Trip to Sutton Life Centre

Wednesday 11th July- School Of Rock

Friday 20th July-Leavers’ Assembly / End of Westbourne!


As you can see we have a number of other exciting things to look forward to inside and outside the classroom for the rest of your time in Year 6! You will be visiting the Sutton Life Centre to learn how to be sensible teenage citizens for when you move on to high school and will also be making your own tie-dye t’shirts to give you just a couple of examples!

Let’s make the most of our last few weeks together!

Mrs B and Miss Craig