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Tay Class Year 2

September 2017

Welcome to Tay Class!

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Welcome to Year 2 and Tay Class!

I hope you had a lot of fun and excitement over the summer and are ready to get back into being at school again! You are all now top of the Infants and all the other younger children will be looking to up to you. Can you show them the Westbourne way with your fantastic attitude and sensible choices? I’m sure you can!

Our topic this term is 'Happiness' and we are going to be exploring what makes us, us! We will be looking at what we require to stay fit and healthy. We will discuss different emotions that we feel and what causes us to feel those emotions. Also we will look at how we stay safe and happy at all times!

Our Class pet, Floppy, is very excited to meet you all! He has already had a fabulous time with the previous Year Twos and can’t wait to go home with you! Make sure you write in the diary to let us know what you get up to and you might like to add a drawing or a photo. You will get the chance to read out your diary entry to the rest of the class.

Autumn is always a busy term and gets even busier as we get nearer to Christmas with shows to think about. Now you are in Year 2 it will be your turn to star in our production, so we will be looking out for great singers, dancers and actors, so start practising!!

When reading at home, we expect at least 6 comments, written by an adult, in your Reading Records each week and these will be checked on a Monday by us. You will be able to change your book every Monday and also on Thursday if you have finished the book. Remember to read comics, magazines and non-fiction books too that you can find at home or in your local library!

We are all looking forward to having a fantastic start to Year Two!

Mrs Kearsey, Miss Caulfield and Mr Harris