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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

P.E. and Sports Grant - Westbourne Primary


The Department for Education announced the continuation of the funding initiative for primary school sport aimed at building on the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Westbourne received £9,805 over the year from September 2015 to August 2016 to further improve participation in extra-curricular sport and to drive standards and progress in curriculum PE lessons. This funding is guaranteed to continue until August 2017.


This year the grant has been used develop Mr Jiggins, the school P.E. Co-ordinator and Sports Coach. He has successfully completed his National Association of P.E. Level 5 course. This course was specifically designed to upskill primary school teachers, HLTAs and TAs to become PE specialists. By the end of the course, the delegates are be able to raise standards through high quality PE teaching in their school.


However to ensure the course has maximum impact at Westbourne, Mr. Jiggins, under the direction of Miss Ritchie, will share his new expertise with all staff by team teaching high quality P.E. lessons once a week in every class. Mr. Jiggins will also carry out administrative tasks associated with the school’s sports teams and clubs, under the direction of Mr. Regan. 


Through the new P.E. and Sports Grant, we have ensured that every pupil takes part in at least two hours of PE a week, with many children doing far more. Last year, three quarters of our children were involved in a sports club after school and over half of them represented Westbourne in an inter-school sports event. Participation in sport is extremely high and success in inter-school competitive sports fixtures is celebrated regularly with the whole-school community. During the last year, Westbourne children won an impressive array of trophies in Sutton and Surrey school events as well as representing Sutton itself, in the London Mini-games; trophies and photos of these can be seen outside the Headteacher’s office in the schools achievement display.


Mr Jiggins and Mr Wright have trained up a team of Sports Leaders from Year 2 and Year 6. Our Sports Leaders are prepared to give up their playtimes to run a range of different activities for other children and ensure that everyone is happy and has a friend to play with.


To increase children’s fitness levels the school has bought ‘Skip to be Fit’ a skipping to music package which children participate in 3 times a week. Staff have also embraced the ‘run a mile’ programme using our school field to encourage activity and improve fitness.


Each term, we run over forty extra-curricular clubs. These usually include: Girls Football, Dance, Table Tennis, Basketball, Boys Football, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Tag Rugby, Indoor Athletics, Tennis, Multi Sports, Cricket, Lego, Drama, Yoga, Korean, Sports Media, Homework Club, Cookery, Orchestra, French, Zone 6, Choir, Hand Ball, Cross Country and Cycling.


Over the coming year Westbourne will continue to focus on the 21st Century Legacy project ‘Be the Best you can Be’. This has become a school motto for all the children. Visit its website to learn more: