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Mersey Class Year 2


Welcome to Mersey Class!

Welcome back to Year 2!



We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your gifts, they were much appreciated. This term our topic is the Great Fire of London and as part of our learning we will be visiting St. Paul's Cathedral on 8th March. Exciting!


In Literacy we will be writing diaries, looking at report texts, telling stories and learning new spelling patterns. We will also be looking at reading comprehension and working on our grammar (remember those full stops and capital letters!).


In Numeracy we continue looking at the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), along with statistics, time, geometry and fractions. We will also be discussing real life situations in which maths is used and asked questions, such as – Ron has 12 bananas and Marge has 21. How many more bananas does Marge have?


We will also be looking at lots of subjects that relate to our topic, such as - materials in Science, the events of the Great Fire in History, designing comics in Computing and designing (and burning!) houses in DT.



The children’s reading records and books will be sent home every evening for your child to read at least 6 times a week. Please record each reading session in the reading record and send it back into school every day so that we may also read with your child in school. Books will be changed on Monday and Thursday. If your child finishes the book before it is changed, please feel free to read it again to develop their understanding and comprehension, or read a library book.



A list of spellings based on the week's spelling rule will be sent home every Friday in the children's spelling journals for a test on the following Friday. There will be 8 spellings and children will be tested on 2 words that follow the same spelling rule.



We will also send home the children's Big Maths sheets on a Monday if you would like to practice similar questions at home. Education City will also be updated every Friday and children can use the Spellodrome program at home to practice their spellings. Passwords for their accounts will be stuck into the back of their reading records.


Drop off and collection

Please remember to arrive at school promptly between 8.45am and 8.55am ready for registration at 9am. Collection is at 3.10pm so please be there ready. If you would like to speak to the class teacher please wait until afternoon collection, if it is a brief question, or see the office to make an appointment.


P.E. Kit

We have a P.E. session every Monday and Tuesday so please make sure you have a named P.E. kit in school for these sessions.



Please bring in a named set of headphones to be worn for ICT lessons. These can be left in the children’s trays.



Westbourne is a nut aware school. Please make sure you check that your child is not bringing nuts, or anything containing/contaminated by nuts into school.


Dates for your diary

Wednesday 17th January – Mersey Class Assembly

HALF TERM – 12th - 16th February

Thursday 8th March - Mersey Class trip to St. Paul's Cathedral

EASTER HOLIDAY – 2nd April - 13th April




Mr Dixon