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Our aim is to provide children with the skills and understanding required to participate in a constantly changing world in which work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology.  ICT is integrated into all areas of our curriculum. Children learn through 'hands-on' projects that are relevant to their experiences.


ICT provides powerful communication tools that allow children to explore, analyse, exchange and present information. The development of these skills facilitates creativity, independent learning and confidence. Also, through collaborative learning children are encouraged to exchange and develop their ideas.


Our 'eSafety' teaching enables children to find and use information in a discriminating and effective way. They explore their attitudes towards ICT and its value to them and society in general, through discussion of issues, such as, security, appropriate conduct and accuracy.


Here are the projects covered in each year group:


Reception - playing sounds, manipulating objects on the screen, digital photography, internet research, controlling a remote controlled toy


Year 1 - creating a card electronically, programming a programmable toy, producing a talking book, creating graphs, filming and exploring a simulation


Year 2 - E-mailing, illustration, publishing a newsletter, animating history, programming and data handling


Year 3 - Research, creating a comic strip, cartoon animation, surveying, video conferencing and video editing


Year 4 - Producing a wiki, presenting the weather, digital music, databases, fusing geometry with art and creating a slideshow.


Year 5 - Photography, creating a virtual space, blogging, advertising, analyzing data, spreadsheet modelling


Year 6 - Creating a geotrail, analysis of data, adventure games, creating a climate change model, web developing, creating a yearbook  


To download the 'Scratch' visit -


We have used this in all year groups to introduce programming.