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Fleet Class Year 6


Welcome to Fleet Class!


Ahoy there me hearties!


It’s back to school…and time for some swash-buckling adventures!


Our topic this term is ‘ISLAND ADVENTURES’ so prepare to tour the world.

The ‘FEROCIOUS FLEET’ will be guiding this motley crew around the world in search of Captain Crossbones’ treasure and we will be stopping off in different countries so that we can learn about other places and their cultures.

Look out for the clues so that we can beat ‘Torturing Trent’ in finding those ‘pieces of eight’!


In Maths this term we are continuing with our ‘Learn Its’. This involves knowing 36 Addition Facts and 36 Multiplication Facts in 100 seconds or less…a challenging task for some of us, but one I know that we can all achieve with a bit of practice at home! There is also a Written Arithmetic task to complete each week which is a selection of 36 fast-paced questions based on all of the 4 operations, negative numbers, place value facts, fractions, decimals and percentages…thank goodness we are all such mathematical superstars!


And then there are the exciting SATs to look forward to! This term we will be working particularly hard in Maths, English and Science so that we can all achieve the best results that we can! Not long now…Monday 14th May is when it all starts…an important date for your diary.


I’d like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone for their really generous Christmas gifts…I certainly enjoyed them all! And I hope that Father Christmas was just as kind to all of you!


Trent’s ‘ALWAYS’ Checklist For A Happy Term!


  • Be in school every day
  • Be punctual
  • Be smart
  • Be smiley
  • Be responsible role-models
  • Be kind (“It’s nice to be nice!”)
  • Work hard
  • Know all Timestables, Division and Learn Its facts accurately and at speed
  • Complete your Homework on time and to a high standard
  • Remember your completed Reading Record, signed Homework Diary and Spelling Journal every Monday


Thank you for all of your continued support - we are looking forward to another fantastic term together!

So… let’s get on board and make it even better than the last!

Let’s work hard, be good and, most importantly, let’s have fun!




Crackbones Craig and Malicious Mumford


Diary Dates


Monday 15th January: Clubs start

Tuesday 16th January: Trent visit to Southwark Cathedral

Tuesday 23rd January: Fleet visit to Southwark Cathedral

Monday 29th January: O2 Concert for the Special Choir

Friday 2nd February: Number Day, French Day

Wednesday 7th February: PMC Finals

Friday 9th February: Break up for Half Term


Monday 19th February: Back to School

Friday 23rd March: Reports go out

Monday 26th March: Parents Consultations

Tuesday 27th March: Parents Consultations

Thursday 29th March: Break up for Easter