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Dart Class Year 3

September 2017

Welcome to Dart Class!

Welcome to Dart Class


Can you believe you are now in the Juniors? What an exciting term you have ahead for you in Year 3.

Our first topic is ‘Settings’ and we will be looking at our local environment with a focus on Sutton and all its exciting areas, past and present. We will be learning how to read maps as well as independently researching one town Sutton is twinned with so that we can compare them.

In Literacy we will be extending our descriptive writing by using images of different settings and choosing exciting words to lengthen our sentences. We will also be covering shape poetry, story-telling, report writing and not forgetting our spellings and handwriting - all in the autumn term.

In Maths we are working on our times tables – with our main focus on the 3s, 4s, 8s and 9s.  You’ll need to know them up to 12x and back again. Try to do them as fast as you can and if you want a challenge to try to say them 10 x bigger -30s, 40s 80s and 90s! Get everyone to practise with you and show them how brilliant you are! We will also be including shape, data handling, addition, subtraction, division and time so check out those clocks wherever you are.

Our Music lessons will focus on modern composers, particularly John Williams and Leonard Bernstein. For Art we will be carrying out some work on perspective and drawing using a range of different media.

During R.E. this term we will focus on Christianity, while in Science we will cover the exciting topic of ‘rocks and soils’ and we’ll also learn about fossils. Later in the term we will be looking at different types of skeletons and discussing nutrition.

In PE (Monday and Friday) we are learning gymnastic and ball skills. Ooh la la! I nearly forgot French…this term we will be learning through games and songs and focusing on the topic of ‘All About Me’.

We will also be learning how to develop our person development skills with the help of Skills Force when we take part in our new and exciting Prince William Award Scheme.

So much to do – and all before Christmas! Phew! What busy bees we are going to be and I can’t wait to get started.  

Mrs Rondeau