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At Westbourne, the children have the opportunity to try out a wide variety of methods and techniques in Art lessons.


Through Art, the children have a chance to develop their creativity; they are also constantly developing their awareness of colour, shape, texture, pattern and focus. Art allows the children to communicate what they see, think and feel through their work. Art is a multi-sensory and multi-skilled area of learning; where the children use all of their senses in order to respond to their work, the work of others, as well as to create their own unique and individual pieces. Our topic based curriculum also allows the children to create and imagine within an area that they are learning about and have a keen interest in. The children's completed work is highly valued, as you can see from the fabulous displays that are created around school, especially at Christmas!


Art topics covered in each year group


Early Years: child-initiated activities


Year 1: Portraits; Art Techniques; Artists and Sculptures


Year 2: Investigating Materials; Picture This; Different Media; Mother Nature


Year 3: Collage, Sculpture; Investigating Pattern; Relationships, Changes


Year 4: Pointillist Effect; Wilderness regions (hot/cold colours); Aboriginal-inspired Art; Tudor fashion; Mosaics


Year 5: Clarice Cliffe; Observational Drawings; Pop Art; People in Motion; Papier Mache; Clay


Year 6: Famous Artists; Different techniques; Clay


Some useful websites to learn more about Art and practise your skills!